ECO HOMES: Eco Home Builder Case Studies & Latest Eco Home News


Thanks to technological advances over the last fifteen years you can now almost completely power your home on renewable sources, take your property completely off the national grid and use less gas if any, at the same time. The savings you can make are phenomenal.

The benefits of building a new eco home, retrofitting an existing home or installing renewable energy in your own home is two fold. You can lower your property’s carbon foot print by relying less on fossil fuels and also further reduce your energy bills through the use of solar power and other electricity generating appliances.

The eco home solutions invariably focus on central heating systems and the hot water supply, though the route to application can be different. Utilise air and ground source heat pumps to extract solar energy from the ground and air to power heating that only uses a small amount of electricity to power them.

You can also choose biomass boilers and return to sustainable wood fuel sources or take advantage of the latest tech which heats water as well as generates electricity termed MCHP boilers. For a completely renewable machination; solar power panels and collector panels can be used to generate electricity and heat water. All of which can usually over generate electricity which you can profit from by selling electricity to the national grid.

Of course, sustainable applications which offer renewable energy are made more effective if you insulate your home correctly, with loft, interior and exterior wall insulation. Take these new formats and completely renovate your home the green way, with underfloor heating, solar powered lighting and automated monitoring and timing systems.

With Eco Homes you can save money, reduce your bills, help save the planet and ecosystem, get free appliances and free installation and vastly reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Click any section to read more detailed information about renewable technologies and eco materials.