Hybrid energy systems are a brand new development in home heating, similar to Micro Combined Heat & Power (MCHP) they use advanced controls to discern the most appropriate time to switch from or utilise both a renewable energy source and traditional gas or electricity mains supplies.

The effect of which reduces your energy bills. While it is a new technology and there are a limited number of boilers fashioned with the cost saving abilities, the result can be a much needed alternative to simply replacing with a new boiler. Let’s find out how much they cost and their savings to your household or business premises.

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What Are The Different Types Of Hybrid Systems And How Do They Work?

There is only really one type of hybrid energy system that falls into this category and this is the combination of an air heat pump and the boiler itself. While there are a variety of Solar Thermal options which you can manipulate yourself by using a hot water cylinder, hybrid systems have been developed so as to be the most economical and compatible. In the future other variances may well come online.

Much like an individual air to water heat pump, the hot air, using heat transference, is passed through to circulating water which is fed through to a boiler. Insulation maintains heat levels with the assistance of mains supply energy to regulate temperature as and when required.

What Are The Benefits Of Hybrid Renewable Domestic Heating

When buying into hybrid systems you are effectively getting a cheaper product than you would by buying separately, as technology is already combined and systems should be more efficient. The energy savings are clear, by combining both renewable energy sources with that of the mains supply you will be reducing your energy bills by a significant amount. Added to which the advanced system can automate for best usage.

What Are The Costs Of Hybrid Systems And How Much Can Be Saved Or Earned?

Because hybrid boilers do not operate as single units you need to take into account the cost of running the third party sustainable energy source which you are looking to connect, and the cost of individual purchases. Often however, hybrid systems are sold together as a pair so this can be easily and quickly calculated.

The systems online currently involve a boiler extracting heat from a renewable source such as an air heat pump system. The cost of generating electricity to power both the boiler and the air heat pump, which works on an air to water basis, is usually at a 4-1 ratio at peak times though this can vary between manufacturers. Which means the unit may have a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.

  • If we take the suggestion that a unit of electricity costs 12p per kw hour. The electricity you take would cost you twelve pence but the efforts of the sustainable source would provide you with 36p of free energy when compared to the cost of taking from the national grid for all your needs. Of course if you use during off peak hours, the savings will be much higher as while the electricity price may be lower, the energy generated from the air heat pump though lower at night, should remain at a constant.
  • In the average home, over 30% of overall heating payments can be reduced to at least half price, with lesser percentage of savings throughout the rest of the day. Units can cost over £5000 plus an installation fee by a certified engineer. You may be able to recoup any initial investment within a few to several years dependent on the advantages of all or some of the following benefits.
  • You may be able to claim government rebates under the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (DRHI) and benefit from Green Deal funding which effectively sees your equipment and installation provided for free. This is made possible via companies who take a percentage of energy bill payments while still partly lowering your overall bill until a point which they have received full payment and a profit, then you can take full advantage of the savings thereafter.

Is There Much Maintenance With Hybrid Renewables And Are There Any Other Issues?

Air to heat pumps are pretty much fit and forget technology, they simply need cleaning annually before continuous usage in the winter months and a maintenance check every two to three years. The boiler however will need an annual check to ensure all parts are working within correct parameters. As residues build up from sustained water heating.

Is Hybrid Heating The Right Renewable For You And Your Home Or Business?

The cost of installing a new boiler can range from £500 to £2500. The cost of a hybrid domestic heating boiler and associated air heat pump can be as much as £5000 plus installation fee.

The outlay is significant but you need to look at the bigger financial picture. If you take up government incentives you can vastly increase the recoup time and profit in the mid term. For businesses and offices the savings are obvious and will be easy to benefit from the financial rewards.