Twin Coil Cylinders

Twin Coil Cylinders are the far superior version of normal hot water cylinders. Also available three coils, they provide almost instantaneous hot water supplies to big buildings and large residential homes, ideal for both domestic and business purpose. Their main use is with solar powered renewable source such as solar collectors and solar panels.

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What Are The Different Types Of Twin Coil Cylinders And How Do They Work?

When you compare Twin Coil Cylinders you should so based on materials both used in insulation and the coil itself. The markers you are looking for are the ability for high retention of heat when on standing and a dual control thermostat. They work exactly the same as hot water cylinders, only they operate with two coils.

Working on the basis that hot water rises and stays above cold water. The lower coil is heated by the solar powered or external renewable source such as ground heat pump. This enables water to be heated on a constant basis from renewable energy that costs you next to nothing. The upper most coil uses energy from a fixed gas or electric supply and both are operated by dual thermostats.

The faster recovery rate, which is the time it takes for coils to heat and in turn heat the water is enabled by the solar powered lower coil keeping a moderate temperature, while the upper coil’s thermostat kicks into action when water is needed. For either high powered shower environments or a central heating system. The effect is similar to a pot of tea having just been heated to boil, left for ten minutes and then set to boil again. Naturally the tea boils quicker thank to its current standing temperature.

What Are The Benefits Of Twin Coil Cylinders

The benefits of investing in a hot water cylinder which has more than one coil are incredible. The ability to constantly keep water moderately hot thanks to the free solar power energy, allows high usage environments to make the most of the unit’s recovery time, saving on energy bills while still delivering hot water when required.

What Are The Costs Of Twin Hot Water Cylinders And How Much Can Be Saved Or Earned?

As you would expect, a Twin Coil Cylinder can be twice or three times the cost of your average future tech enabled hot water cylinder and cost around £500. The savings annually, when combined with other sustainable energy units are again compounded thanks to the units use of solar power on an almost continuous basis during the day – especially if drawing from a deep cycle battery electricity storage unit as well. Larger business premises and big households can expect to recoup their spend within a year on electricity and up to two years when switching from gas.

Is There Much Maintenance With Twin Cylinders And Are There Any Other Issues?

Not unlike boilers and kettles, when water is heated it leaves a variety of deposits such as minerals that can cause harm to the metals used in a hot water cylinder, if left to reside for long periods of time. Read the specific manufacturer manual for detailed instructions on how to clean the unit and ensure proper checks when advised by a certified engineer.

Are Dual Coil Cylinders The Right Renewable For You And Your Home Or Business?

If you have the money and your hot water usage is high or demands for a quick water supply lead to a more comfortable lifestyle, then yes it is right to buy. If replacing two old hot water cylinders, this will do the job of both of them. These solar cylinders are specifically made to benefit from incorporating solar power or solar collector into your home’s grid. Maximising hot water and retaining heat longer and making best use of the solar power generated. The only time they may not be beneficial is within properties that do not need on demand on hot water. However savings will still be noticeable.